Teens Matter to Us...

A Little about us...

KC Society is a 501c3 social entrepreneurial organization designed for teens to have a voice and flourish within a safe environment. We love teens. They are creative, imaginative, AND ready to take action. TEENS MATTER TO US!. KC Society focuses on our teens willingness to be better, act better, live better, and above all else change in the wake of learning more. Our programs call our teens to take a proactive stance in their own life so that they can make a real impact within their environment. Read More…

Who We Are

KC Society is a Social Entrepreneurial organization that began in 2008 with a concept to serve teens in every capacity. Our society was created to foster believe in ones ability, build self-esteem, and change the environment without leaving it. Read More…

Who we serve

KC Society Serves Teens ages of 14 to 19 everyday. Within the summer months, our ages are from 6 to 19 ….We focus primarily on teens within the Southeast Volusia Area that are looking to make an impact in the community they are in. Whether that impact is within Sports, politics, or their community we aid in the process through our programs and events.


How we are different

  • Emotional Safety: We foster the environment to make teens feel, both, physically and emotionally safe to maximize their development
  • Teach Relationship building: They need to establish healthy and positive relationships both within their peer group as well as with adults
  • Teach how to build on their skill: They are improving their own innate skill sets while learning to develop new ones
  • Encourage Community Involvement: Teens need to have a hands-on approach to the  community they live in.  they must become contributors and not just takers.
  • Youth participation: Giving our teens a voice in determining the programming in which they participate allows to them grow into productive and charitable adults

KC Society has made a major impact in my life...

  • nevatestimonial

    I feel that I am becoming a much better person everyday. The things that I have learned and experienced have opened my eyes to know that this is one extraordinary world; all I have to do is live my live to the fullest and enjoy it

    Neva Evans