Our programs and services are geared towards the well being of each teen. Below are a list of the programs and services we offer to our teens.

KC Society Programs

Youth Employment & Leadership Initiative

Program is designed to help prepare teens between the ages of 15-19 for future employment. Teens in the program will be paid a stipend and will be required to attend coaching workshops and will be provided with an internship.

Coaching Workshops  Subjects:

  1. Dress for Success
  2. Resume Writing
  3. Job Application Completion
  4. Work Ethics
  5. Work Etiquette
  6. Interview Techniques

College Bound Success


Hands on college prep program that actively prepares students to successfully understand and know the credits and requirements needed to get into a college of their choice.  Process includes real life college applications, applying for scholarships, and helping them to understand the steps needed to get into their college of choice. Each step is carefully designed for each student.  Class sizes are small which makes it easier to focus on each participant.

Several other programs and services are offered to ensure success from any level. Mentors are peered with each participant to give them the help they need

Youth Advisory Council

12 Teens making decisions, making changes to their community, while getting an experience of a lifetime. Sign up today

to have access to college references, scholarships, gainful employment references and experience, and the time of your life. We are looking for active, engaging teens who want to become leaders in their community and make a difference.


Community Activism

Leadership Roles



Making a Difference


Focuses on giving teens the opportunity to expand their entrepreneurial skill set. Opening up avenues through workshops with business leaders, marketing specialists, entrepreneurs who are all sensible risk takers like themselves.  Two events are created throughout the year to make it all worthwhile. come be a part of something spectacular that can change your future.

Pink Ladies Hip Hop Squad

We want you to dance, dance, dance. learn the latest hip hop moves and stay positive. It is about changing the  world you live in through dance. Sign up today. It is one of the most enjoyable past time. Perform every month with different routines and gain lots of friends in the process.



Teen Volunteering

The We offer teens the opportunity to fulfill their high school volunteer requirements while having fun. Each volunteer experience is to help shape their love for their community by giving back.

  • We match teens with local community service opportunities that best fits their interests
  • We create opportunities within the organization to help gain service hours
  • We encourage teens to give back and fulfill their school requirements

Food for Fuel

Food for fuel is our teen after-school food program. Fresh fruits, sandwiches, hot meals, and other items are provided fr0m 4-5:30. Any teen, including younger siblings, can come between those hours and enjoy.  We partner with Second Harvest Food Bank to provide the meals. There are two ways you can be a part of Food for Fuel, after-school food program: Volunteer your time to pick up the food, prepare it, and/or clean up OR Donate to help keep our cost low.

KC Supply Hut

it is a place full of supplies that teens have access to complete school projects, exhibit appropriate hygiene, and at times get goodies that they want and not just need. We supply school supplies all 10 months.  We rarely participate in back to school drives because we understand by November it is time for MORE supplies. You can participate in the Supply hut through providing in-kind donations like physical items or even free services and/or Donating to help keep our cost low,

Help us Stock Ours

KC Society Hang Out:

And then their is the DA JOINT! The ideal hang out spot. The ideal place for even parents to be proud of. The area where you can just lounge with your friends. Have a great time. Eat. Laugh. Cry. Tell great stories. Make new friends. and above all else…


All part of our Building Renovations Plan